The architectural concept of the LIFE-Varshavskaya project was developed by one of the oldest Japanese bureaus, Nikken Sekkei. The idea of a quarterly layout structure, which is widely used in large European cities, was the basis for designing. In the new quarter there will be presented various types of residential development: from high towers with excellent view characteristics to medium-rise urban blocks. The facades of the buildings will be designed as a mosaic made up of vertical elements of two different colors, horizontal belts and glazed windows.


Urban Blocks

Urban-block – a new word in modern urban design.

The basis of the LIFE-Varshavskaya development will consist of urban-blocks – residential buildings with a secure inner courtyard and public space along the outer perimeter of the building. Recently, urban blocks have been the basic element of town-planning design of residential areas in Moscow, and Pioneer Group has become one of the first developers who decided to use this principle in their project. All the urban blocks in the LIFE-Varshavskaya quarter will be mid-rise – with a height of 6 to 12 floors. On the first floors of the residential buildings there will be shops and service facilities, which will help to create a functional saturated environment of the streets and intra-quarter passages.

Architectural Bureau

Nikken Sekkei is a large Japanese architectural bureau that creates landmark projects around the world. The architects of the bureau designed the highest TV tower – the Tokyo Skytree, a modern transportation hub in Nagoya, they also renovated the building of the main international railway station in the Japanese capital.

In Moscow, according to the Master Plan of Nikken Sekkei, the project of the integrated development of the surrounding territory of the TIH “Botanical Garden” is being realized, which includes not only residential development, but also the public and business cluster and a YE’S apart-hotel. In St. Petersburg, the bureau co-authored the YE’S Sotsialisticheskaya project, whose solutions allow to integrate organically and delicately the new building of the apart-hotel into the historical center.

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