and school

In the LIFE-Varshavskaya quarter, the main residents will be children. And for them three kindergartens for 480 children will be built. Pre-school buildings are designed on the basis of the principle of accessibility: the journey time from any building to the nearest kindergarten does not take more than 5 minutes on foot. In the center of the block there will be built a comprehensive school for 900 students with a large sports stadium, library, assembly hall, and modern research laboratories.


The LIFE-Varshavskaya complex will become a real transformation of the Moskvorechye-Saburovo district. One fourth of the territory of the quarter will consist of trees, bushes, flower beds, green lawns and lawns. Through the whole quarter a walking alley with the length of almost 1 km will pass. There will be shops, cafe verandas, recreation areas for the whole family. In the heart of the residential complex there will be laid a square with pedestrian paths, a children’s playground, and a sports zone.


(TSUMUGU) Interlacing,
joining together -
a landscape
design concept