Smart Environment
Comfort of the residents
and health care.
Smart Living
consumption control
and energy
resources saving.
Smart Comfort
of the complex
and the comfort
of living


LIFE-Varshavskaya will become a real “smart” quarter, in which everything will be thought through to the smallest detail. High level of comfort, effective methods of saving resources and modern security system – together these factors form a fully-fledged smart-quarter.


In the residential complex LIFE-Varshavskaya there will be implemented a whole complex of measures designed to modernize and improve your life.

Smart living

Intelligent consumption control
and energy resources saving.
  • Each residential building will be equipped with an individual heating point, which will significantly save heat consumption and allow to pay bills at a more economical rate.
  • Installing energy-saving OLED-lamps in common areas.
  • The project provides for the installation of modern elevators with the energy regeneration function.
  • In the quarter, a two-pipe heating system will be used so that each resident can independently adjust the temperature of the air in their apartment.
  • The project provides excellent thermal insulation, because the outer walls will consist of three layers with a ventilated gap with high heating characteristics.
  • Pumps with drive frequency control will be installed to increase the efficiency of pump equipment operation, increase its wear resistance and efficient power consumption.
  • The apartments will be equipped with double-glazed windows with a soft heat-reflecting coating.
  • Automated water, heat and electricity consumption records are provided.

Smart comfort

Security system of the complex
and the comfort of living
  • The project will use high-quality, environmentally friendly materials at all stages of implementation: construction, decoration, organization of public spaces.
  • A state-of-the-art IP video surveillance system throughout the quarter – at the entrance groups, courtyards and on the streets.
  • Free Wi-Fi in the quarter and street USB chargers so that you are always connected.
  • Access control and video entry system at all entrance groups.
  • System of timely notification in emergency situations.
  • Motion sensors will be installed in public areas.
  • Fenced-off territory.

Smart environment

Comfort of the residents and health care.
  • Landscaping from the Japanese architectural bureau Nikken Sekkei.
  • Modern playground equipment in every yard from leading European and Russian manufacturers.
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